Awenaura Workshops

Awenaura are raising awareness of SANDS and Sarcoma UK (soft tissue cancer) and supporting Sarcoma UK by donating £3.00 per reiki taster workshop and £5.00 for each of the energy workshops and the level two attunement workshop to the charity w.e.f August 2015 to aug 2016 or until further notice.

Please see about/biog page for full details and for details of donations to SANDS from my Reiki Course fees.

Awenaura Workshops are a great way to dip into certain therapies, to have a glimpse into a subject. They are not formal training courses, but the energy workshop does have an Awenaura Certificate of attendance. I have been holding workshops for around five years and my aim is that you enjoy them, that I help to inform, create interest, and empower. Students leave with gained understanding and knowledge, and some self-help techniques.

During the various workshops you can 'feel' energy from reiki and Crystals, find out how to see Auras, how pendulums work, and experience taster treatments. Basic guided meditations and visualisation techniques are often included; please check individual workshops for details. For anyone considering reiki training - The Reiki/energy workshops can help clarify this.

My workshops are relaxed, and generally one to one. There are short refreshments breaks with the 3hour workshops. The workshops are tailored to the individual. They all include a taster treatment, and handouts in a folder. Workshops that include crystals provide some free Crystal pebbles or a small gift, for home use.

One to one is different to a group, but, you get all the attention. For some workshops I can cater for two people coming along together; I feel they generally work best one to one so that I can work with you on a personal level; we are all unique! I will ensure that you feel comfortable, so don't worry if you are a little nervous.

My workshops currently focus on energy (subtle) and energy therapies; how we can use our mind and our thoughts to create a more positive outlook, how reiki and crystals can help with mind, body and spirit. The reiki Level Two Workshop is open to anyone who has already achieved reiki one, even if it was with another Master, but you will need to have your level one Certificate.

I will be holding Meditation courses and workshops here in the future, along with a variety of other workshops - so please do check back with Awenaura from time to time.

Reiki Taster & Training Information - 2 hrs 15min


Can't decide if Reiki training is for you? Come along and find out more ~ Various days and times available. This 2 hour, one to one, relaxed session includes:

  • A 30/40 minute Reiki treatment - to allow you to experience the Reiki energy - especially if you haven't already done so
  • Discussions about Reiki Training etc.
  • Any concerns can be discussed
  • Light refreshments.

Includes handouts re: Training with Awenaura

"Every journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" LAO-TZU (604- 531BCE)

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Energy workshop & Taster: 'Reiki, Auras & Chakras' - 2hrs 30min


Includes a relaxing 40-45 min reiki treatment

This fascinating one-to-one workshop for beginners, is ideal for anyone who is a complete novice in terms of the subtle body, and wants to learn. It looks at Reiki, what it is and how it can help us, the energy field (aura), and also the energy centres in the body (chakras). How we can begin to use our understanding of energy to help us in our daily lives, and begin to have more control.

*This course is also ideal for anyone who is considering reiki training, or who has not received reiki and would like to experience a relaxing treatment, which is included in the price. There is no obligation, and the workshop is open to anyone.

The 3 hour workshop, with a refreshment break, includes:

  • What is Energy Ki/Chi/Prana – Life force energy – how it affects us and those around us
  • How to use energy in a positive way and to protect us from negativity
  • Discussions about the aura – what is it, and its functions:
  • The Auric layers
  • How to 'Aura gaze' (see Auras)
  • The main Chakras – what they are - their main functions
  • What is Reiki
  • How reiki can help to balance the aura, and chakras
  • What does reiki training involve, and how can it help us in everyday life
  • Practical's ~ to demonstrate the subtle energy of the body including:
  • Pendulum work with the chakras – fascinating!
  • Creating an 'Energy Ball'
  • Feeling 'Crystal energy'
  • Some information about crystal energy, crystals and the chakras
  • A free crystal to take home!
  • Receive a relaxing 40-45 min reiki treatment, to feel the Ki life force, and its effect (totally relaxing!)
  • A short guided meditation (time allowing!)
  • Information handouts in a folder
  • Awenaura Certificate of attendance
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Energy workshop & Taster: 'Crystals and Reiki' - 2hrs 30min


This is a relaxing, informative, and empowering one to one workshop for complete beginners!

If you have always wondered what all the fuss about Reiki is, or wondered how Crystals work – this is an ideal way to begin to explore these fascinating energy therapies. You will also experience a combined 35-40 min treatment.

You receive a workshop with an integrated approach. It is focused on energy and general wellbeing and how we can use our own energy enhanced with reiki/crystals in everyday life.

  • A 35-40min Reiki and Crystal Therapy combined taster treatment.
  • Energy: auras and chakras – how subtle energy is a major component in both life and health.
  • How to detect this energy with a pendulum (fascinating!)
  • How positive and negative energy affects our daily life and health, and how we can take some control.
  • How energy flows within our bodies (meridians).
  • What is reiki, how can reiki help us -
  • A little about Reiki training
  • How reiki can enhance work with crystals, and life in general.
  • How cosmic energy, or life force, is part and parcel of all things.
  • What are natural crystals - How do they 'work'
  • Crystals that can help us relax, ground our energy, and also protect.
  • Choosing and cleansing crystals.
  • Plus a reiki, aura and chakra, handout pack.
  • Three crystal pebbles, or a similar crystal gift to take home.

***Please note: This workshop is for personal information and enjoyment only. It does not count as formal training.

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Reiki One: Attunement Day – (Self healing, personal & spiritual development)


This includes attunement to reiki one, but is not a certificated course. You cannot go on to level two with this workshop.
This course is an alternative to the full course, suitable for those who want a more general reiki experience, and who are not ready to do treatments on other people.

***Suitable for, and recommended for:

  • Those who have health issues e.g. anxiety or stress, medical conditions, and wish to self treat.
  • For those who want to gain more wellbeing and become more centred.
  • For those who do not wish to go on to become practitioners of reiki,
  • For those who wish for some spiritual and personal development/guidance.
  • Also suitable for anyone wanting to know about reiki, experience reiki and consider moving on to the full course.

Anyone wishing to complete the full course at a later date is welcome to do so with a fee reduction of £75.00 off the practitioner course fee.

Your fee includes:

  • One day: 10.15am to 4pm approx.
  • Includes two attunements to reiki level one – for self treatment purposes, meditation etc.

You will learn:

  • WHAT IS REIKI natural healing
  • How can it help
    • How to self treat with reiki for: mind, body, spiritual and emotional healing.
    • About energy, and how the chakras and aura is affected by positive and negative energy.
    • Energy-work techniques to help with self healing
    • Reiki Meditation techniques
    • A brief history of reiki, and the reiki story
    • What reiki is, and what it is not
    • Personal and Spiritual development with reiki
    • A reiki treatment of around 25mins - this can be taken on another occasion).
    • About progressions to reiki level one certificated course, for those interested


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Reiki level 2 attunement workshop


Reiki level 2 attunement workshop: £85.00 - A one day workshop

This workshop entitles you to a free two/three hour follow-up, free reiki treatments (as with my level one students) and reiki shares. This counts towards full practitioner status with Awenaura *see below
Pre-requisite as level 2 (Gap of approx four months from level one attunement, journal etc)
This one day workshop is open to all level one students who hold a level One certificate and have used reiki on themselves, family etc and have journal evidence of this.


For Reiki development, to enhance energy flow, raise vibration, and allow for personal and spiritual development. Includes a Reiki 2 handouts pack – with images and lots of information.
  • Especially valuable for those who do not want to be qualified reiki practitioners, for personal growth, and to provide enhanced healing for their friends and family.
  • It is part of my level two training course.
  • Handouts are provided.
    This is not a full practitioner course. You will not be qualified as a practitioner or able to gain insurance to practice reiki.
  • You will receive an Awenaura Certificate of attendance and attunement to level two.
  • You will receive the Reiki Second Degree attunement, the reiki symbols, how to use them, and how to send reiki healing to loved ones.
  • Some development mentoring, reiki shares, support
  • It is recommended that students continue their journal post this workshop, and have their follow-up session approx one month later, to ensure that they understand what level two provides, and how to use this higher vibration safely.

*** If new students choose to come back to me complete the Practitioner level (to gain a certificate) you will only need two further class contact days, and you will receive a fee reduction of £70.00 from the level two course.
*My existing students will receive an addition fee reduction if they return to complete.

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