Awenaura Training

Sally has been teaching since 2008 and is a member of the UK Reiki Federation at Master Teacher level; this requires her to keep detailed CPD. She teaches a variety of courses from basic energy workshops and reiki taster/information workshops (often combined), to Reiki One, Reiki Two, and The Mastership and Teacher levels.

Her classes are normally one to one, which has proved very popular, but she also runs small group classes for Reiki Level One, allowing for individual preferences: both non-practitioner and practitioner. Awenaura manuals are provided, which have loads of information, diagrams and 'crib-sheets' alongside Sally's own related experience, philosophy, and knowledge of reiki, and provide good post course reference. She has read widely on the subject, and her degree in Complementary therapies has helped to provide more depth to her reiki courses. She ensures that students can learn in way that suits their needs, be that more theory or more practical. For those who do not find reading or spelling easy, she can make allowances for that as well. ALL abilities are welcome to learn reiki with Sally.

Sally ensures that her courses are in line with national occupational standards (NOS), Core Curriculum for reiki, and also in line with the UKRF guidelines. Her manuals are very comprehensive, and she gives full support both during and post qualifications. All students are welcome to attend reiki shares, and to receive some free reiki treatments.

Her Reiki Level two course can be achieved in one of three ways (two as a full practitioner) - as the UKRF now require 72 recorded treatments for practitioner status; this is not for everyone - thus options allow for the individual, and ensure her students can access the UKRF should they wish to do so.

Support is on-going.