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This is a therapeutic model devised by myself, from my years of experience with reiki healing, counselling skills, Complementary Therapies, Bardic training with OBOD (personal and spiritual development) and my own life path ~ I am qualified in all areas used and the therapy has been verified for insurance.

Awenaura Journeying Therapy

is holistic
and healing
is person-centred
a treatment and a therapy

It is your journey

It is not counselling
Or life coaching

(c) Awenaura Journeying Therapy (AJT) is suitable for anyone and everyone who has issues in life that are troubling them, or holding them back, or conditions that need extra support.

Sometimes we feel stuck

Sometimes we need support to move forward in life
to find ourselves.
Sometimes we need to feel free to let our feelings out
~ without being judged.
Sometimes we just need space to breath ...
... relax... clear our minds
heal ...
Ideally we need to feel nurtured - we always need to be accepted
... and to be heard

Listening is different to hearing. When we truly listen, and hear the meaning behind words, we walk alongside a person.

... A journey of a thousand miles must begins with a single step
LAO-TZU (604-531BCE)

Awenaura's Journeying Therapy

The Name

Awenaura Journeying therapy is just that, a therapeutic journey of healing.

You don't need a reason, you may just need some time for balance, re-focusing, and healing. To see a clearer way forward. When life becomes too hectic, or muddled, it can spiral into confusion, overload, burnout, and even chronic illness, anxiety, or depression.

Therapies such as reflexology, reiki and aromatherapy have been shown in research to provide deep relaxation, and break the stress cycle. Stress is one of the most significant factors in the cause of many illnesses and conditions. Breaking the stress cycle is paramount, even if only for a few hours.


  • to allow the client time to be heard, to develop some focus,
  • to have something to provide support when they feel they are lost
  • to hold onto if they are falling –
  • to provide some light if they feel life is dark –
  • a big part of the treatment is the freedom to express any thoughts or feelings by the client in a safe, confidential, non-judgmental, healing environment.
  • to help the client move forward, begin the healing process, begin to take control, with support throughout from the therapist.

The hardest part of doing anything is often the first step – without support it can be difficult to take that step, to move forward, to allow change to happen.

Complementary therapies can provide the support and stress-relief to enable small changes to happen.

Complementary NOT alternative

Awenaura Journeying Therapy is not designed as a substitute to conventional medicine, but is complementary to it. Some medical conditions may prevent suitability of certain therapies, this can be addressed on first enquiry, however there are very few conditions that prevent all the therapies being used. No client will be advised to stop taking medication. If I consider that a client should seek full counselling, CBT, or further medical help – I will suggest this. Ethics and client wellbeing are paramount with Awenaura. However, i will not refuse treatment unless it is contra-indicated or the client is not suitable for treatment.

... Everyone has the right to choose how and when they wish to heal ...

The Therapeutic Model.

  • The main focus of this therapy is the need for a series of treatments ( six) and a commitment to healing. The reason that payment is made in a block is to ensure a commitment to this therapy. In order for any progress and healing to take place, complementary therapies need time. The six treatments are a big part of the therapy, providing optimum time for healing to take place. * A four treatment option is now also available!
  • Initially the treatments are therapist led, which is partly what makes this different to other CAM. A certain trust in the therapist must exist to allow them to choose the initial three to discussion of course!
  • it then becomes client led.
  • This is not Counselling – but counselling skills will be part of the process of empathic listening ('hearing').
    • You do not need to have a specific issue to receive the benefits of AJT ~ anyone can embark on this journey, with an open mind... and see where it leads!
    • You still receive the treatments, and all other aspects

Healing has to come from ourselves,
no one can solve another's problems,
what we can do as Complementary therapists is to support you
... on your journey
through difficult times
to help you across the bridge,
until a path becomes visible,
allowing you to find your way, hopefully with more confidence

Awenaura's Journeying Therapy
  • It is likely that Reiki natural healing will be part of the therapy at some point, and could represent one or two sessions at least – this will be discussed on the first day.
  • However reiki will NOT be used for the whole of the six treatments, neither will any single therapy.
  • The first two treatments are weekly (booked together), the third can be up to two weeks later. Treatments can then become less frequent for the last three sessions.

The Therapy

Has six treatments of approx. two hours per session, and six stages:
*Stages one, two and three, take place in the first session

  • Stage One (session one):

    The client has a full 45minutes-1 hour discussion and consultation with myself. In this time any problems, concerns, or life troubles are thoroughly discussed.
  • Stage two

The 'healing journey focus' :

  • The main heart of the concerns, feelings, or statements, are then expressed by the client in simple terms on paper. This is completely 'free' with no limit on words, or content. If preferred scribed (written) by the therapist.
  • The words can be random, individual words, such as - Lost, stuck, unhappy, sad, ill, pain - or simply statements – e.g. I feel invisible, i can't move on, i am stuck.
  • The words represent the main issues/feelings/emotions that are a concern to the client.
  • Colours can be used to add impact, or instead of words, if necessary.
  • The aim is to then use the therapies to provide healing & support, to help create focus, face troubles, or make life more acceptable to the client (not cure or solve, but address).

If a person comes for the therapy and doesn't have any major issues, but simply wants some 'time' to breathe, and to focus – then that would be the aim – It's a journey.

  • Stage three

From the discussion, consultation, and client healing focus, i then decide on the best initial treatment, or combination of treatments for the client (with their agreement). The treatment would then take place from these therapies:

Clinical aromatherapy (this can be non-massage)
Hand Reflexology
chakra and aura clearing (this would be combined with another treatment),
or a combination of two therapies (normally reiki combined with reflexology/aroma)

  • Stage Four

The next two treatments involve slightly shorter discussions, review of the 'healing journey focus, to see if anything has changed. If it has, and the client wishes to add or remove anything then that will happen. Again treatment choice is therapist led.

  • Stage five

For the last three treatments – ... as above, but this time the client decides on the treatment, with guidance if needed, reviewed at each session. The client takes the lead in their choice of therapy/therapies – beginning to take back control, listening to their body and intuition. The healing focus is reviewed along the way.

  • Stage six: - Final session

Final review of the healing journey focus By the end of the therapy the aim is to have a more positive healing statement, with the client feeling more able to move forward, and feeling more balanced and in control.

Clients can continue to receive treatments post therapy if they wish to – but the healing and clearing aspect is be toned down with the focus being discussion and treatment as per a normal session.

Awenaura's Journeying Therapy
Awenaura Journeying Therapy in Shrewsbury

Awenaura Journeying Therapy (incl. 6 full treatments)


Awenaura Journeying Therapy (incl. 6 full treatments)

Your investment for this therapy:

Including 6 full treatments or combination of treatments, all discussions, consultations, healing journey statements, creams, oils, homecare blends used etc:
This must be paid in full on the first session, however, under certain circumstance, this can be paid over two months, with the first payment of £79.00 to be paid on the first session, with a post-dated cheque for the second £79.00 for one month later. Please enquire if additional assistance with fee management is required.

Awenaura's Journeying Therapy

Breakdown of the fee:

This is not just a treatment, it's a therapeutic journey. The first session costs £38.00 - due to the longer discussions, and consultation, plus time involved writing the Healing Journeying focus, followed by a treatment.
The following five treatments equate to £24.00 per session no matter what therapy or combined therapy is selected (within one hour treatment time), to include review of Healing Journey Focus, and again includes all consultations, reviews, homecare oils, crystals, etc. and equates to excellent value given the time involved one hour treatment and approx 2 hours per session, as most therapies are normally charged per hour.
Combined therapies can be selected within the fee package as long as they are within the one hour treatment time.
The reason that payment is made in a block is to ensure a commitment to this therapy, In order for any progress and healing to take place. The six (or four) treatments are the therapy.
Post AJT: Those who wish to continue their treatment weekly or every two weeks, Fees will be as for Awenaura VIP’s plus:

  • Reiki: £19.00 per session (45mins)

(chakra balancing will be included free, if required and therapies can be combined)

This is to enable treatments to be affordable for the client who has invested time, money and effort into their healing, and to enable continuation of the client's healing journey.

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Awenaura Journeying Therapy in Shrewsbury




This fee is payable in full, on the first session, thank you.

Due to popular request I have added this option to make AJT more accessible and affordable for those who cannot stretch to the six session fee, or who cannot commit time to six sessions. FULL DETAILS OF THE THERAPY FEE BREAKDOWN ETC, CAN BE FOUND BY CLICKING ON THE SIX SESSION BOX.

  • The therapy will remain the same in all other aspects, following the same format, other than the fact that this option is only four session rather than six.
  • I choose the first two treatments, client’s select the last two treatments.
  • The fee is broken down in the same way as the six session therapy. First session £38.00 (please see the six session details for full details, and explanation). Six sessions do work out slightly better value per session, due to the higher commitment in time. However please note that AJT is not just about the treatment, it is the journeying package and is excellent value.
  • ***Please note: the six session AJT has an option to pay in two amounts to help spread the cost.
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Please do not hesitate to enquire for further details, or clarification.

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