Natural Therapy and Reiki Training Testimonials

Thank you to my clients and students for these testimonials.

Here are some of the generous testimonials that clients and students have written for me:

I have felt really nice and calm all day (despite having to work late!). My mind seems to have dropped into a low gear which has been lovely! And I feel much freer or 'looser' around my chest/breathing, all good!

Nicky, Shrewsbury

I really enjoyed the 2 day course with Sally and found her home a very tranquil and relaxing place, very much suited to teaching and practicing Reiki. Sally is a lovely lady, she is encouraging and supportive and is very knowledgeable on the subject of Reiki and I was at ease straight away. Having individual training means each course is tailored to meet the needs of each student and I found Sally's style of teaching allowed for plenty of discussion and questions.
All the information was presented in a relaxed, informal and totally professional way. Sally provided me with a comprehensive manual to refer to which has been really useful.
I thoroughly enjoyed my reiki level one training and have already found it beneficial, both personally and for family and friends. I would recommend Sally to anyone who is considering reiki training.

A.S. Wem

I feel different following the reiki treamtment, but can’t explain how.. it’s a good feeling!

Val, Shrewsbury

After searching for a suitable teacher for a reiki course, I was pleased to find Sally who I found very professional, always happy to discuss any difficulties l had with the course and very encouraging. I enjoyed the course it was excellent.

L.F. (Healthcare worker) Shropshire

Reiki is helping me in so many different ways, more then I could have ever imagined! Thanks to you Sally I am becoming a more enlightened thoughtful and caring person.

A.H. (Reiki student/client) Shrewsbury.

I had three treatments with Sally. All of them were Reflexology. Sally's approach to the therapy was commendable. She considers her Clients and their well-being and is very informative on the therapy's she uses.


Sally, I just wanted to say thank you very much for today, the second day of my level one training, and for all your hard work, input and skill. You have created the perfect ambience in your therapy room; how natural, relaxed and healing your manner is, both of which are highly conducive to learning Reiki, and to giving and receiving it. Again, I really enjoyed it and have just been having a look at the manual your provided and can’t get over the detail and how much effort you've put into it, so thank you so much

Sue, holistic therapist, Shrewsbury

REIKI LEVEL TWO – November 2015
This is my second course with Sally. I have enjoyed and learnt so much through my level 2 second degree training.
Sally is always wanting you to succeed and develop your Reiki skills. Her caring and personable approach to her teaching and student support is very helpful, and gives you confidence. Sally’s teaching comes from within her it can be seen in her loving and caring way she teaches you. I look forward to starting my Master/Teacher course in the New Year.
Sally is a true example of the Reiki way of life. Thank you Sally

Dave Simpson (Retired teacher) Bridgnorth

Reiki One - November 2015
Having recently completed Reiki 1 with Sally, I would definitely recommend her to others considering taking the course. I found Sally to be warm and thorough in her teachings, and it was lovely having the 1-1 attention. Since completing the course I've been in regular contact with Sally, who's always happy to answer any questions and offer further encouragement. I'm very glad I chose Sally as my Reiki Master


Energy Workshop & Reiki Level One - October 2015
After completing a chakra/crystal and reiki taster with Sally, I was so inspired to take my first degree level one in Reiki.
Sally’s knowledge and passion for Reiki has encouraged me to learn and grow stronger, gaining confidence and a thirst for knowledge. It has changed my life completely and now I look forward to moving onto level two.
I would thoroughly recommend treatment and training with Sally, I am very proud to say she is my Reiki Master.

Diane Perry, Ludlow

Reiki Level One - July 2015
I would just like to thank Sally for the reiki course it was excellent. At first I was not sure what to expect but sally immediately made me feel at ease. Thanks to Sally she has helped me through some difficult time in my life. Reiki has definitely had an impact on me. It has helped me deal with the death of my sister. Sally was very professional but also made me feel welcome in her home.
I am now going on to do my level 2 reiki with Sally. If anybody would ask me if they could recommend a Reiki Master practitioner and teacher I would definitely tell them about Sally, her teaching skills are exceptional and she also has the ability and personality to make you feel at ease.

Jan G (RGN)

"When I first decided to try Reiki I didn't really know what to expect. Sally soon put my mind at rest with her kind yet professional manner and her comfortable, welcoming treatment room.
I find Reiki to be incredibly beneficial in many ways. It has helped my physical health issues and has allowed me a great level of relaxation and a sense of well being which stays with me long after a session has finished.
I thoroughly recommend Reiki with Sally Richards as an all round good experience and soothing tonic."

T. Hallam, Mid Wales

Energy workshop and reiki taster.
"I just wanted to email saying thank you so much!!! You and your course have really like lit something inside of me and I cannot wait to learn more and more about all these things!!!
Just thank you so so much!"

Sophie (student) Cirencester, Gloc.

"Sally is a credit to the Reiki profession. She has the expertise and natural capacity to teach and support the student through the required practical and theoretical modules of Reiki. Sally’s kind patience and understanding encourages competence and confidence for aspiring practitioners. I am very grateful for taking my Reiki Level 2 practitioners course with Sally Richards."

Jan Richards UKRF MT, MFHT

Reiki level one
"I was interested in to find out about the practice of Reiki. I searched the Internet local to where I live and found Sally Richards. Who when I contacted her said if I was interested in Reiki it might be a good idea to have a Reiki treatment to see what you think.
When the treatment was completed I could not believe how I was feeling. I felt very relaxed and an inner calmness, I felt different.
I decided from how I felt and a growing interest to study Reiki and work towards Reiki Level 1. I have done my training with Sally, which was very enlightening. She has great skill of listening caring of her students. Sally has a professional and loving approach to her Reiki and her teaching, she makes you feel relaxed and comfortable. This allowed me to be myself.
I now have completed Reiki Level 1 with Sally. I intend to work towards Level 2 with Sally and finally Reiki Master. I thank Sally for teaching me the way of Reiki and for her caring support on the start of my Reiki Journey.
Sally is a warm and caring person with a Love for Reiki, People and Life.
Thank you Sally"

Dave Simpson (retired teacher) Shrops.

"Had never heard of Reiki until July of this year when a chance meeting with a work colleague got talking about how he had improved his life and after a long conversation on spiritual matters suggested that I try a course of Reiki. Discovered Sally via the internet and had my first course in August of this year (2014).
Sally quickly put me at ease and took the time to explain what Reiki was all about and then listened to me and all my problems over the past 4 years. The treatment I received was incredibly relaxing and gave me such energy and positive thoughts over the next few weeks, so much so that I have just had my fourth session of Reiki plus some reflexology.
Sally has helped me to start to turn my life around and start my spiritual journey. She is so caring and sincere and is a truly very, very special person and I have my complete trust and faith in her. I feel very privileged to have met her and would recommend her very highly."

Paul, Upton Magna

"I have been working with Sally for a number of months and have seen great results in that time. Sally is passionate about her therapies and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm she brings to every session. Her easy going, friendly personality creates a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere and her suggestions regarding new therapies allows you to have a greater understanding of how alternative therapies help balance and realign you both mentally and physically. I would highly recommend Sally and her treatments."

Catherine, Shrewsbury

"Thank you so much for treating me! You've really made such a huge impact on my life in such a positive way; thank you!"

M. J. Shrewsbury

Reiki Level Two
I feel so lucky to have met Sally and completed my Reiki level two training with her. The support she has given me has been priceless, you can train elsewhere but the quality and depth of the Awenaura course is to another higher level and I will never look back. Since day one I have found Sally to be honest, caring and kind and above all she is an expert and passes on that knowledge in a highly professional way so that others can learn and develop skills too. I feel proud to have trained with her and have now the confidence to start my own small business.
Apart from Reiki the other treatments she offers sound amazing and I can't wait to try them in the future and will be returning ASAP.
Many thanks Sally for your continued support and guidance meeting you has been life changing for me.

Ruth, Shrewsbury.

Having started my initial Reiki Training with Sally Richards over four years ago, I have now completed the training for Master/Teacher. This is something that I thought I would never reach?
I have done all levels with Sally and find her very considerate and understanding not only with treatments but with her training. She is patient and helpful and has helped me with good guidance and information and just being there, to become a Reiki Master/Teacher.
It’s been a pleasure working with her and knowing her. Although you never ever finish learning and Reiki is a discipline like no other, I am very proud of myself to have achieved Master/Teacher and will look forward to passing on this wonderful gift of Reiki, plus I am also proud of my Reiki Master whom I can honestly say is an excellent Reiki Master/Teacher.

Jan Jeapes
Reiki Master/Teacher & Holistic Therapist.

Crystal Therapy
"I really enjoyed being a case study for Sally. I found my course of three treatments to be very beneficial. During the treatments I felt very relaxed and calm.
My sleep pattern has improved since the treatments. I also feel my energy levels are better and my mood in general is improved.
I would recommend crystal healing to anyone; it most definitely does benefit the individual. Thank you Sally, I really enjoyed my treatments and I look forward to more in the future."

L.E. (Shrewsbury)

"I first visited Sally for reflexology hoping that it might help settle a flare-up in eczema which had been going on for months and which I thought might be related to changing hormones as I get older. Sally was and is an excellent listener and has been kind and considerate and keen to find ways to help. My skin started to improve very quickly and Sally also used her skills as an aromatherapist to research and make a cream and an oil for topical application. The oil in particular was very helpful and the homecare advice Sally gave was excellent.
My skin problem has resolved completely and I have also noticed a significant improvement in how I feel in general, less tired and with more energy."

Linda, South Shrops

Crystal Therapy
"The treatments really helped my feeling of wellbeing. Each session was relaxing, and even a ‘spiritual experience’ which I found interesting. The therapy was very helpful in a number of ways for example with the arthritic pain in my joints. At one point, for instance, Sally placed a Crystal on my wrist and the pain went, then when she removed the Crystal the pain came back! – but not as strongly.
I’m keen to continue with the Crystal Therapy as it made such a difference to my pain, and energy. I find it a very fascinating therapy indeed."

Darren (North Shropshire)

"I found the Crystal Healing Therapy sessions to be extremely relaxing and stress-relieving, leaving me feeling lighter and calmer. The atmosphere that Sally created in the therapy room was very calming and soothing.
Following one treatment I really did feel different to how I felt before - I felt extremely soothed somehow and 'lighter', I also slept like a baby that night. Something definitely worked well. Also, I found the crystals themselves very appealing and I would love to have crystal healing again."

A.E. (Shrewsbury)

Reiki & Aromatherapy
"I first came to Sally at a very low time in my life and instantly found her to be warm, empathetic, friendly and caring but at the same time highly professional. The room in which I received my treatments was cosy and tranquil, giving off a warm and secure atmosphere I received both Reiki and aromatherapy from Sally and these treatments helped to heal and restore me. I always left feeling uplifted and invigorated.
Sally herself was, and still is, only too eager to seek ways in which to help and sustain me, eventually initiating me into self healing Reiki. She is always there to encourage, teach and help in any way she can. Thank you Sally."

Margaret G, Oswestry area

Reiki Level One & Reiki treatment
"From the first time I contacted Sally for advice on training in Reiki, I was so impressed with her honest, reliable and clear advice . I received a wonderful treatment which was confirmation that I wanted to go ahead and book the two day workshop.
Sally is kind and very welcoming , the course flew by with so much information that I was so pleased to have such a detailed manual to refer back too while practising at home , Sally gave me so much confidence, I would not hesitate to recommend her, she has a natural ability and so much knowledge. I returned for the half day to receive my certificate and will definitely return to train further with Sally, it has been a life changing experience and I feel very lucky to have trained with her. I look forward to the future and learning more from Sally."

Ruth, Shrewsbury.

Reiki Level One
"I have recently completed my level 1 reiki with Sally, this was an amazing experience. Sally put so much energy into the course making it interesting, her wealth of knowledge and experience makes it an amazing journey."

Paula T. (Children’s Worker) Newtown, Powys.

"I have recently completed a comprehensive and enjoyable level 1 Reiki course with Sally. Sally is warm, approachable and a great teacher. Using the knowledge and Reiki practises I have learnt on the course I now feel more grounded and able to cope with life's ups and downs."

Ali B. (freelance artist) Bristol

Reiki Information , reiki taster, & Energy workshop
"I wanted to thank you so much for today. It was brilliant to meet you, and I learnt so much. The Reiki treatment was amazing! I was going to email you tomorrow, but I've just sat down ... crystal in hand, reading through the pack; I have absolutely no idea how you knew which crystal you would give me, especially as you let me choose! I'm stunned! So I had to email you now, to say wow!! And thank you!"

Ellie. S. North Shrops.

Awenaura Journeying Therapy
Sally is truly a unique individual who radiates a deep inner wisdom and compassion for people. Using Awenaura Journeying as a guide, Sally encouraged me to regain my own sense of balance and wholeness.
A gentle process that helped me re-discover my creativity, fulfilment and excitement for life. In helping myself I found more energy to fully participate in the world and learnt I was helping myself so I could help others. For me, Awenaura Journeying is a gift of many different parts and interconnecting levels. Sally has shown me that life is precious and we owe it to ourselves to make the most of everyday. To develop our own inner freedom and dissolve our internal barriers so we can grow and experience an even greater feeling of peace.
Thank you Sally for guiding me on my journey and giving me the space and time to find my own way. It has been a real treat and a joy.

Emma, Shropshire.

Energy workshop and Reiki Taster
"I was impressed by the workshop and enjoyed the afternoon with you - thank you."

Vivien Copson, Telford.

Reiki Level One
I have recently completed a Reiki Level 1 course with Sally. The course was run over 2 days with a follow up ½ day and was very inspiring.
Sally has a very professional but relaxed calming approach making the whole experience enjoyable. The one to one tuition was brilliant, learning and sharing so much in a very comfortable relaxing environment. Sally is very supportive ensuring that any questions you may have are answered.
I can recommend Reiki with Sally to anyone who wants to learn or receive Reiki. I look forward to continuing on to Level 2 with her.

Sandra. Shrewsbury. April 2013

"I approached Awenaura for treatment and to begin level one training with a view to move up to practitioner level in the future. Sally is professional but has a warmth and care which makes her approach to reiki about sharing and caring, not power! She is a lovely person with an open mind and heart and a brilliant, conscientious teacher. I would recommend her whether you're looking to learn or get help healing."

Holly. (Whittington, Shropshire)

Reiki Treatments
"I'd like to thank Sally and the Reiki sessions as they helped me build up my energy levels again after 6 months of post viral fatigue. She put me at ease straight away and I was able to relax. It was incredibly supportive and helped me to feel things could become more normal again."

Judith. Shrewsbury area.

Reiki Level One
"Thank you for your support and guidance with my reiki Journey - one which i know will be with me for the rest of my life. I know too, that i will be in touch soon about continuing my journey further"

Alyson, Wem.

Reiki Level One testimonial/reference
My first contact with Sally was early June this year (2012) after I visited her website'.... '...her first contact with me was welcoming and illustrated her easy humour and compassion, and her passion for her Reiki' ... 'We arranged for my 1st Degree Reiki a week or two later.' ... 'On the day, Sally welcomed me and I felt immediately at ease with her. She was warm, gentle, and open ...' .... 'Sally's Reiki Centre is wonderfully warm, comfortable and immediately lifts your spirit when you enter. At that point I was greatly looking forward to the sessions and all my doubts had disappeared...' '...all of Sally's knowledge and passion for her subject is immediately apparent as she settles down into the first session."

'... She creates a non-threatening and positive teaching environment focused specifically on her learners, and their life experience to date, and importantly, the way they will develop their Reiki experience into the future. Later, as the sessions unfolded, they became very practical, and 'hands on' - another of her students joined us at one point, and I was able to practice Reiki on her, as well as discuss the experience and get feedback of how it felt from her perspective. The 1st Degree sessions ended positively, leaving me highly motivated, and as an experienced and qualified teacher myself, feeling good about the learning experience that she had shared with me.

I recommend Sally Richards as a vastly experienced and passionate Reiki Master who has the unique ability to translate centuries of tradition and complex multi-faceted sequences of information into a highly accessible personalized, enjoyable and fulfilling learning experience that has the potential to transform and enrich people's lives beyond any expectations Thank you Sally.

Sid Stephenson MSc. Post Grad Dip. MCIPD, Cert Ed.
Consultant in vocational education and project management' working internationally.

Reflexology Treatment
'Lovely experience'. Sally is so friendly and welcoming and I leave feeling so relaxed, ready to face anything life throws at me

Sheena (Librarian) Shrewsbury

Aromatherapy & Reflexology Testimonial
I first met Sally three years ago when I went for Reiki training, when Sally asked me if I could be a case study, I jumped at the chance!! I had had Reflexology in the past and found it to be so beneficial, when I had my first treatment with Sally I felt so relaxed and energised afterwards, it was so lovely!!
Sally is very kind and professional and totally put me at ease, she explained everything to me and what to do after the treatment as well. I must admit that after each treatment I did feel as though it had benefited me, I would definitely recommend both reflexology and aromatherapy to anyone, you never know until you try!!
Sally is a brilliant therapist, who will make anyone feel at ease!
The aromatherapy really helped me with my back, as I do suffer with sciatica regularly, again it was just so relaxing and Sally's treatment room is just so peaceful and relaxing too! Please go and see Sally, it is most definitely worth it!!

L. Edwards (Staff Nurse) Shrewsbury

Upon speaking to Sally it was obvious what a caring, genuine intuitive person she was and choosing to do the reiki master practitioner course with her was one of my best decisions as it has proven to be so life enhancing in many positive ways.
Sally filled any voids in my knowledge that needed improvement and her careful subtle teaching style was a joy to be part of. When meeting and sharing time with Sally on the course, it was always a joy and enjoyable learning experience, ... many thanks,

Steve Beard

"I had several sessions of Reflexology with Sally, I came out feeling on top of the world, walking on air! She made the sessions enjoyable whilst being totally professional. I will definitely be keeping in touch with her."

Judy Mainwaring (Photographer) Shrewsbury

I had several sessions of reflexology with Sally to try and find some relief from a problem with my pelvis and hips. Sally's treatment room is relaxing and calming. I instantly felt in competent hands; Sally is professional, thorough and caring.
The treatments were very relaxing, but more than this, the benefits that I felt were beyond all my expectations. Sally listened carefully to me between each session and thought carefully about which parts of the foot to work on next time to get the energy flowing to the right parts of my body. I was very open-minded about reflexology. I had not been able to exercise, sleep or sit comfortably due to problems with my pelvis, but I felt increased strength and energy after each session and am now running and doing Zumba weekly.
I cannot thank Sally enough and I highly recommend her treatments.

Clare (Teacher) Montford Bridge

Sally has treated me (and continues to treat me) with both Aromatherapy and Reflexology
In approaching my treatment Sally considered very carefully both my complex health issues and which oils therefore were suitable. These oils she adapted for each session. She adapted too; the way she applied the oils - inhalation for my chesty cough, massage on my back and legs and homecare blends. My treatment is continuing, and all throughout it continues to be so positively helpful and healing.
Sally is very thorough in her application to her work. At all times she is considerate of her client and careful in all aspects of giving a treatment. Sally is very trustworthy as a therapist and therefore encourages confidence. I felt able to allow her to be the therapist - without me continually questioning, as is I am inclined to do with all health and complementary professionals.
I've had several treatments of Reflexology with Sally, as part of a case study. These treatments have included hand reflexology and VRT (Vertical Reflex Therapy) with my feet being unsuitable - through degenerative arthritis - for traditional reflexology
I found that Sally thoroughly knows her subject and is therefore a quietly confident therapist. Sally's quiet confidence is very important for me to both have confidence in her as a therapist and also to relax and not feel over powered. This approach of being an overbearing practionioner does not suit me - I have experienced this - but not with Sally.

George. A. (Shrewsbury)

I was delighted when Sally Richards asked me to become a case study for her reflexology course. My main concerns were my neck & back problems (old injuries), along with a numbness down my left arm.
Each reflexology treatment began with a detailed consultation, followed by a mobility assessment. All treatments involved a combination of foot reflexology and vertical reflex therapy (VRT). At the end of each treatment, Sally repeated the mobility assessment, taking note of any changes or improvements.
I found the whole experience extremely relaxing, and a tremendous help to my neck injury.
The reflexology also helped to release the tension and numbness down my arm, which had been causing problems for some time.
The course of treatments proved to be totally beneficial for my injuries, and I would leave each session feeling relaxed and yet energised at the same time.
Sally is professional and empathic, and has a natural ability to listen to her clients. I would strongly and wholeheartedly recommend Sally Richards as a Reflexology Therapist.

L. S. (Digitisation Records Assist.) Telford.

Sally has been extremely supportive, helpful and informative, providing a clear and concise level 1 Reiki Manual and on-going support. I have enjoyed every minute of my training so far and look forward to continuing with Sally on my journey to Level 2. It's been a real pleasure, with some fantastic and special results, thank you!!

Jen (Counsellor/psychotherapist) July 2012

Doing my reiki level 1 with Sally has been a wonderful experience that i will cherish. It was a very relaxed environment with wonderful one on one tutoring that helped me take in all that was needed for my journey. I can't wait to start on my level 2 course now

Clare Al-Redha (Independant Sports Professional / Showjumper) Shrewsbury.

Having completed my Reiki level 1 with Sally I had no hesitation in returning to do my Reiki Level 2 (practitioner) with her. Sally is a very personable lady and very understanding and helpful. She makes learning enjoyable but also is very dedicated to making sure you are going in the right direction and is always there to help if you need her. I would highly recommend Sally for any Reiki teaching or treatments. I hope to return when I am ready to complete my 'Master's Practitioner' level with her in the future.

Jan Jeapes (Therapist), Shrewsbury

Facing a significant period of transition in my life and dealing with some stressful situations I wanted to find a way to re-connect my mind, body and emotions. To encourage all of myself to work together and being a process of healing from the inside out.
Luckily for me I discovered Sally - a real blessing, a wonderful woman, full of light, generosity and kindness.
I had three Reiki sessions with Sally and whilst each where unique there remained a consistency - Sally. Her calm approach, open heart and warmth all worked together to create a space where I could relax and learn how to re-connect to myself.
Reiki has given me the understanding that we should learn to trust in the power of ourselves to heal old wounds, and that life's trials and tribulations don't go away, instead what changes is our ability to deal with them. The difference comes in knowing you have an inner energy that will support you and assist you to walk calmly into your future.
An inner energy that is creating the world anew for you in each and every moment. Reiki is one way for us to learn this wise lesson of old and taking some time out to focus on you - all of you.
And, Sally is a great teacher.

Emma, Newport, Shropshire.

Deciding to do Reiki Level One with Sally was one of the best decisions I've made. It could be rather intimidating to spend a whole two days in the home of a complete stranger, but as soon as I entered Sally's reiki room I felt totally relaxed due to the warm, gentle atmosphere and Sally's disarming, kindly personality. I found her reassuring and very thorough in explaining all I needed to know about reiki. It was a very enjoyable couple of days and, particularly after the second day with her I came home feeling really uplifted.

Amanda Evans, Holistic Therapist, (Shrewsbury.)

I researched Reiki masters across the world to find someone who I could trust and who had an ethic and approach I could truly relate to. From the moment I contacted Sally I knew she was down to earth, genuine and true to the values and approaches described on her website. I travelled all the way from Melbourne, Australia to train with Sally and am so glad I did. The training was comprehensive, practical, spiritual, amazing ... and filled with warmth, understanding and the wealth of Sally's experience. Sally was respectful and faithful to the Usui heritage and teaching tradition. Reiki has changed my life in such subtle and wonderful ways. I highly recommend Sally to anyone wanting to learn Reiki or to receive Reiki treatments.

Adrienne Robertson (Melbourne, Australia)

Since discovering Reiki, I wanted to learn it for myself but I was very nervous. I came across Sally's website and from the very first contact we made, she was lovely with a warm personality.
When the day came for me to start my level 1, I was incredibly nervous but Sally made me feel at home straight away. The training was simple to follow and very thorough, she had thought of everything. The attunements were amazing & I enjoyed every minute of the 2 days! Sally made it a real pleasure. Since the training days, Sally has continued to support me with Reiki & also personally. She has done so much more than I ever would have expected & I would recommend her to anyone who wants to learn Reiki or receive a treatment. I look forward to learning level 2 with Sally.

Laura, (Care worker/student) Telford, Shropshire

I recently completed Reiki level 2 with Reiki Master teacher Sally Richards, and her approach was very professional and refreshing.
Level 2 training was equally fascinating as Level 1, and her attunements were amazing. Sally's therapy room is calm and relaxing, and has a feeling of peace and tranquillity. Her manual has been thoughtfully compiled, and I refer to it often.
Sally's support and encouragement between levels one and two, and post-qualification, has been second to none. She has always been there when I needed her, and has given me great advice throughout my Reiki journey.
Sally has a natural enthusiasm for Reiki, which has made me feel that Reiki has come very naturally to me. I am so grateful to Sally for giving me the wonderful gift of Reiki. It has enriched my life.

Elizabeth Smart (Reiki Practitioner) Nr High Ercall, Shropshire.

I had been thinking for some time about doing my Reiki Level 1 and had contacted a few Reiki Masters/Teachers but kept coming back to Sally Richard's web site? This made the decision for me; fate seemed to take a hand in choosing my Reiki Master!
I feel very inspired having worked with Sally who is a very easy going and considerate teacher and I thoroughly enjoyed the 'one to one' training with her doing my Level 1. I would definitely recommend Sally for Reiki and Teaching and I will at some point go back to Sally for my Level 2 in due course.

Jan (Holistic Massage Therapist ) Shropshire

I thoroughly enjoyed my reiki sessions with Sally, as it gave me time to completely chill out and relax as I have trouble doing so, also I believe it helped me feel more positive and focus more with life. I will definitely have reiki again I think it works well - if only to have an hour of complete bliss.

Kate, Social Care worker, Minsterley

I first went to Sally to do a refresher for Reiki one, I then progressed on to level two and really enjoyed Sally's way of teaching and her passion and interest that she has developed for Reiki. I feel very inspired to have worked with Sally and feel her one to one teaching is excellent.

I have now completed my practitioner level. I am now looking to set up my own little business so I can help someone else, I feel many people do not realise the benefits of Reiki. I hope that I will be able to spread the word!!! It is a wonderful form of natural healing, that many people should learn and practice. I hope one day to complete my Master's Level too, so I will definitely go back to Sally!!!

Louise, (nurse) Nr Shrewsbury

Sally makes you feel at ease as soon as you walk through the door. The ambiance in the room is wonderfully relaxing, with soft music playing in the background. After my treatment I felt like I had slept for 8 hours. My body was free from the tension I had obviously arrived with, and my mind calm. A true Master of her art.

Andy, Bayston Hill

I started having Reiki treatments with Sally Richards following a neck injury, and was amazed at the results. I would arrive feeling 'fuzzy headed' and in pain, and leave feeling totally refreshed. It was as if the 'fuzziness' had been lifted from my head. During the sessions, I always experienced a kaleidoscope of colours, particularly around my head, and intense heat in painful areas as the energy passed through my body. I have tried various therapies, but find the whole experience of Reiki extremely relaxing and most beneficial to my own personal needs.

Liz, Nr High Ercall

" The experience itself was extremely relaxing, set in a calm and tranquil environment. I felt sally had a very professional manner, and was very warm and welcoming, with high standards. I found the whole experience very beneficial- a treatment i'll continue to use. I'd highly recommend sally and the treatment!!"

Rob,( Joiner/builder), Nr. Craven Arms

A few months ago I decided to enquire about receiving some Reiki treatment, because I had heard some positive feed back from people who had received Reiki.
After looking up some practitioners, I was told about Sally Richards who I then contacted, and an appointment was made.
I was given a warm and friendly welcome by Sally, and taken to her Reiki room, which was light and airy. The atmosphere was immediately relaxing with soothing background music. I sat in a comfortable chair and soon felt at ease.
I found the treatment to be very calming, and I soon drifted into a very relaxed state of mind, and one point I'm sure I dosed off !
My treatment lasted about an hour, but it felt much less as time went quickly.
I feel my treatment was carried out in a professional but relaxing manner, as were the other visits that followed, and I would recommend Sally to my friends if they ever felt the need for Reiki.

C.R. (North Shropshire)

I received Reiki from Sally on one occasion (I've since moved away from the area). I knew very little about Reiki beforehand so I was unsure of what to expect, but decided there would be nothing to loose in giving it a go, and so I went into it with an open mind to see what new experiences and insights it might bring me.

Sally has obviously taken the time and effort to create a professional yet calming environment to practice Reiki, which I think is very important as I found this made me feel at ease and completely comfortable right from the beginning. Sally gave me the option of playing some music quietly in the background, which I found complimented the relaxing atmosphere very well.

In summary I was pleasantly surprised at the powerful effect that my experience of Reiki had on me - I found it to be deeply relaxing both during the practice and for the following few days after.

Emma (now living in France)

Receiving Reiki from Sally Richards inspired me to begin training. I had personally benefited greatly from Reiki sessions with Sally, and liked the idea of self-treating as the pain would come and go throughout the day. With Sally's excellent methods of teaching, I have successfully completed Level 1, and have decided to continue on to Level 2. Before I started training, I was concerned about being able to concentrate and absorb all the information I needed, but I needn't have worried. Learning Reiki with Sally has been an absolute pleasure, and she put me at ease from the very beginning. The Course has been fascinating, and Sally's manual is extremely well presented and easy to follow. I am looking forward to Level 2, and I know with Sally's fantastic support it will be worthwhile. I really feel I was meant to do this. I can't wait!

Liz, Nr High Ercall

Very relaxing was how I felt the effects of Reiki at first - deeply relaxing in fact. I also soon began to notice that it was benefiting my state of mental health and my various pain levels. With my various diagnosed mental health issues I found Reki treatment to be a real help in maintaining mental balance and keeping stress levels low. Also with my Arthritic conditions I noticed how pain levels significantly reduced. Because I was finding Reiki so beneficial I decided to train at Reiki level 1 so that I could do self-treatments.

As my Reiki treatment was with Sally and she was so professional, competent and calm in her work, I decided to train with her as well. Sally's Reiki room has such a calm peaceful atmosphere that I found so helpful.

As a retired teacher I found Sally to be an excellent Reiki teacher and very thorough in her teaching. Her manual is very good (I look at it from time to time as a refresher) and she was very patient and clear in her teaching style. I found I understood as she taught and demonstrated all that is involved in Reiki level 1. Not surprisingly with being inspired by Sally my interest in Reiki continues to grow. I am especially interested in giving Reiki to small animals such as cats and dogs. I'm considering doing the necessary training for that in the very near future.

Paul, retired teacher, Shrewsbury