Awenaura News & Offers

Thursday, May 2, 2019


Dear Clients, students,  old and new..

Apologies that Awenaura is temporarily closed at the moment.  As many of you know my Sarcoma returned, and subsequent serious operation was required. I had hoped to be back working by now, but we are moving  (Shrewsbury Area)   which has slowed things down.Plus healing takes as long as it needs :) I am doing well, lucky to be here.

Please contact me again by text (no calls please)  or email in the late summer early Autumn if interested in treatments, workshops, etc and I can hopefully know what is happening by then. Please make  a note of my mobile number for future reference, but usually emails are preferred.

I am currently studying again,  all relevant to therapies etc … as per usual there is no holding me back!! Hopefully card and crystal readings and meditation/energy  relaxation classes on the ‘cards’ before too long.

in the meantime, love, light and blessings, Sally x

Saturday, January 14, 2017

February/March ~ Awenaura Well-being Treats ~ Bring balance and positive energy for 2017!

Not sure which therapies might work for you? Have you wanted to try several … why not choose three of  Awenaura ‘Well-being therapy treats’ to see which you enjoy!.. and which work best for you.  Perhaps you will enjoy all three? … You can repeat this offer through Feb and March! – allowing for session availability.


One Reiki session (50min treatment time) one Reflexology for Well-being session (40min treatment time) one Crystal Therapy with Reiki session (45min treat. time) one Aroma Foot Massage with Reiki Chakra treatment (45min). Full consultation with first session and two short consultations for subsequent sessions. Sessions last from one and a quarter hours to one and a half hours (reiki).

***Special price: £78.00 (normally £88.00***

Thursday, September 29, 2016

November Offers: Enjoy a Relaxing Autumn Treat! ~

Reiki  Treatment & Aromatherapy foot massage ~ (one hour per treatment) x 3  special price:  £82.00

Enjoy a relaxing and aromatic Autumn treat to delight the senses and calm the mind. A relaxing foot massage using a essential oils such as rose, frankincense, geranium, and neroli  in a natural carrier oil. Followed by reiki healing.
Awenaura clients receive a complimentary hot fruit/herbal tea to follow treatments.

Reiki treatments ~ for well-being and relaxation X 6 ~ special price: £140.00 ~   (50min  treatment time per first five sessions, 40 minutes last session)! All consultations included in fee.

Why not book a special course of reiki…maybe you have been considering reiki for a while. A course of six treatments is a very good way to gain accumulative benefits from reiki; treatments can be spread out to suit your diary. The first three treatments need to ideally be one per week.


Thursday, March 10, 2016

‘Holistic Heaven’ …. During April, May & June

Book three:
Aromatherapy Foot Massage with Crystal Healing Chakra Balance ~  £76.00 (40min per session
) – Free crystal pebble included.

Book three:
Aromatherapy Foot Massage with Reiki Chakra Balance ~ £78.00 (50mins per session)


This is a stand alone, comprehensive, relaxed workshop to provide the gift of Reiki for self healing and self and spiritual development for those who don’t wish to give reiki to others ~ £78.00 (handouts included).
This course can count towards reiki level one at a future date if required. There is no certificate with this course, it is for self healing and spiritual development only.  Full details go to Reiki training.