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An Introduction to Crystal Therapy by Sally Richards

The universe, energy, connection, and Crystals

Crystals are beautiful, mystical, and healing - they are part of our connection to the Universe. The death of Stars creates all the natural elements. These elements create individual planets, the earth and our solar system.

"Our bodies contain carbon, nitrogen and oxygen atoms, plus atoms of other heavy elements. Humans, animals, as well as most of the matter on Earth, contain these elements – so, we are literally made of star stuff" ... said Chris Impey, professor of astronomy at the University of Arizona.

We are made of the 'stuff' of the Universe. The stuff of the Universe is very much part of Crystals – they are ancient rocks!

“We are Stardust” Professor Brian Cox

The BBC programme (2013) – Richard Hammond builds a Universe theorised that “a web of dark energy is the glue that holds galaxies together”, and in fact – this glue is everywhere, connecting everything. I personally believe in the connection of ourselves and the Universe through a web of energy – and in fact wrote a poem on the subject around six years ago.

What has all this got to do with Crystal therapy?

In a word – everything! If we understand that everything is connected, and that as energy is mostly invisible to the naked eye, yet has profound effects, we can begin to understand how energy therapies such as Crystal Therapy work. We are, after all composed of energy.

There are many ways in which crystals work, some are very complex to explain in terms of science, and of course there is the metaphysical and spiritual perspective. I have my feet in both camps: Spiritual and scientific – as i always state – these things are co-dependent and we need to understand that. If both of these groups, who are often in opposition, could see that understanding both views would totally transform how we view the universe, planet earth, and all life forms.

My work with reiki has truly transformed my view of energy; this has been reinforced with Crystal therapy work.

Therapies such as reiki and crystal therapy, along with reflexology work to balance the energy of the body, allowing the flow of 'life-force', which can assist in so many aspects of health and wellbeing. It stimulates the body's innate ability to heal its self.


Healing is not the same as curing, although some amazing results can and do occur.

As Holistic therapists we of course believe that humans are more than flesh and bone, we are also energy and spirit. Regardless of belief systems or spirituality – there is science within all holistic therapies. They work in tandem. We are connected to nature. All things vibrate with energy, and most of this energy is simply invisible.


Our bodies have energy flowing both within and around us, and it is this energy that is very much at the heart of holistic healing. Energy centres (vortexes or wheels) called chakras fill the body, and are where energy channels meet and energy is dispersed. Meridians (energy channels) carry Ki/Chi around our body. Alongside internal energy centres and channels, the bio-magnetic field, or aura, surrounds us and all living things. This subtle energy picks up messages from other people – both positive, and negative. I can see auras and teach many of my students how to do so.

The aura is like a bubble or egg, surrounding us – unlike this 2D example. This image shows the position of the main chakras, and the layers of the auric field.

Examples of human energy interactions:

We all know that feeling when we think someone behind us is staring – you turn around and they are! This is due to their aura registering and mingling with our own energy. Or, you go into a meeting and you can 'feel the tension' – again thoughts create energy, which can be 'felt'. When we are afraid or unhappy, our aura contracts - when we are happy and balanced it expands. This is part of the reason why positive people attract other people to them.

Subtle Energy is part of the invisible communication between all living things.

During reiki training, and in workshops, with clients, I aim to help people to understand how we can use our energy to help us feel more in control.

Our thoughts really do create our reality – that is a fact. What we think – we are! Part of this reason is that thoughts create energy, if our thoughts are negative, then the energy associated can impact on our physical body, and out subtle body, and on other people. Trauma of any kind (especially emotional trauma) has a major impact on all the body systems, including the subtle body.

What are Natural Crystals?

Natural Crystals are substances formed by the forces of nature: geological processes. They are amazing rocks that reflect and hold memory of the very creation of our planet and the solar system.

They are composed of different minerals. The crystals are form by repeating geometrical patterns of atoms and molecules joining together. This creates an invisible, energetic, vibration once 'activated' (usually by heat, pressure, or light). Their internal atomic structure is called a lattice.

On the surface they of course appear lifeless!

Crystal Therapy Treatment

Most are formed deep within the earth, in the earth's crust, however diamond and peridot (silicon, magnesium, iron) are formed within the earth's mantle – from molten rock. Many are pushed up by volcanic action, the formation of mountains, and some are re-formed by heat and pressure, water, gas or a combination of all three processes. Rocks and minerals are in a constant state of change, over a very long period of time. This is called the Rock Cycle. Our planet was created about 4.5 billion years ago, so most are ancient. Some were formed at the beginnings of the Solar system; others were created by extreme volcanic pressure, and some through the action of water such as Jasper.


Crystal Therapy Treatment

Crystals are classified by their internal lattice structure. These repeating atomic structures form one of seven geometric shapes: triangles, squares, rectangles, rhomboids, parallelograms, trapeziums and hexagons. These form crystal shapes; for example cubes. The internal structure does not necessarily reflect the outward appearance.

How does Crystal Therapy work?

As mentioned Crystals work in many ways and on many levels – they are both magical and mystical, yet there are scientific explanations to help back up this ancient healing art form.

Solids are made up of particles that do not have much space to move around (unlike in liquid or gas states). They do have some space, and this space allows for enough movement to create a vibration; crystals vibrate.

... Here are some examples of how natural crystals are believed
to work in healing sessions:

  • They have their own unique vibration, or 'note', which is activated by heat, pressure, light. This note interacts with the human energy system, bringing the body back into balance. Each crystal family has a different effect due to the different 'note'. However, colour within families again creates differing results (as described below).
  • Quartz is used in many modern devises including watches due its piezoelectricity; when pressure is applied, it produces an electrical charge. It is therefore a highly effective healing crystal.
  • Colour, and depth of colour - colour is a wavelength. The colour of the stone plays its part: Visible light is a wavelength; it has a colour range of violet (shortest wavelength) to red (longest). The full spectrum being: violet, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red. White light is a mixture of the colours of the visible spectrum, black is a total absence of light.
  • Some crystals are opaque others transparent (clear quartz) – this also has a differing effect. The main chakras have a related colour; crystals can be selected according to the colour match for each chakra. Chakra colours relate to the rainbow/light spectrum, with the finer vibration being the higher chakras and the more earthy/grounding colours (brown, red, orange) relating to the lower chakras.
  • The colour system in Crystal therapy also works according to complementary and opposing colours – so for example, if something is hot (red), or 'angry' then using a blue crystal is believed to have a cooling or 'calming' effect.
  • The crystals are made of various minerals; minute traces of these minerals can have an effect on the body - much in the same way as homeopathy.
  • Shape – crystal points are crystals with natural points – which focus the energy of the crystal. They are used in a different way to crystal pebbles. Wands are longer than points and are shaped, or natural crystal rods – often with pointed ends. Points can be used to infuse energy or remove it.

Crystal Therapy – the treatment

This is a very relaxing treatment. During a crystal therapy session the client will have a full discussion and consultation. During that time any health concerns or medical conditions will be noted in the consultation form.

Crystal Therapy Treatment

After consultation the client lies on the therapy couch, covered by a light blanket. The therapist will normally perform a chakra test using a crystal pendulum to determine which chakras are too open, too closed, balanced, imbalanced... or to find any areas on the body (usually following the path of meridians) where energy blocks may occur. Again this is possible due to the energy that flows from our chakras and around us in our aura. As mentioned this energy is circulated/distributed in energy channels called meridians.

Any imbalances are noted. Imbalances do not mean illness! It can mean lack of flow in an area, a chakra that is too open, or too closed. It can mean lack of energy to an area, or conversely too much!

Appropriate crystals are then selected, from a range of colours, shapes and sizes, for their therapeutic properties. Intuition also plays a part; therapists who are experienced with energy work, and who are intuitive, often have a sense as to which crystals are required; It is an ancient, intuitive, and creative process, supportive ideally with extensive knowledge of subtle energy, combined with knowledge of Crystals and their properties.

Normally crystal pebbles are placed on the body, over clothing, as they are more comfortable than rough crystals. Sometimes crystals are place directly on the skin (the hands, face, for example). Crystals are always placed in a discreet, respectful, manner

'Points' can be laid around the body. Only a small selection may be used in on session, or several varieties. Sometimes several pebbles of the same type will be used...

Some of the crystals that I have in my Crystal Therapy collection:

Crystal Therapy Treatment

Rose quartz, clear quartz, smoky quartz, amethyst, jasper (red, Dalmatian, picture), citrine, blue lace agate, moss agate, selenite, carnelian (red, orange), aventurine, amazonite, hematite, lapis lazuli, malachite, onyx, apache tear obsidian, angelite, petrified wood, tourmaline, yellow calcite, turquoises, moonstone, flourite, rhodonite, snowflake obsidian, sodalite, tiger eye, chrysoprase, howlite, unikite ... and many more! ...

The crystals are gradually placed on, or by, the client. Some are left in place for a very short time, others for longer. Some crystals will be replaced several times during the session. This is often to allow for 'clearing energy and infusing energy' – especially in the case of pain, or energy blocks.

Client comfort and wellbeing

Crystal therapy should ideally be relaxing. If a client feels any discomfort or pain that is not transient – the therapist will remove, or move, the crystal.

The benefits of Crystal Therapy

The benefits of Crystal healing are well documented, as an ancient healing art that has continued over the centuries, however most is anecdotal evidence. Crystal therapists are not allowed to make claims to cure, or diagnose; we are allowed to list the known, perceived, believed, benefits:

Crystal Therapy is believed to:

  • Promote general wellbeing
  • Balance the body holistically: mind, body, emotion, spirit
  • Help with stress and tension relief
  • Accelerate the body's self-healing abilities
  • Promote improved sleep
  • Help with low mood
  • Speed up the healing process of physical injuries
  • Relieve pain and help reduce inflammation
  • Create balance within the body's energy field:
  • Remove energy blockages within the subtle body
  • Assist the removal of toxins
  • Support the immune system
  • Increase vitality
  • An aid to personal and spiritual development

Typical experiences

Much like reiki healing each person is unique and their experience will therefore be unique. The following list of sensations can occur during or following a treatment. If they occur following a treatment they are known as a *healing reaction. This is when the body's own ability to heal is in process, including the removal of toxins. Healing reactions are temporary, lasting from a few seconds to 24hours - 48hours. This is a positive sign that the body is kick starting the healing process.


A feeling of energy in the area of the crystal, or around the body.

  • Relaxation and wellbeing
  • Warmth or tingling in an area
  • Removal of pain in an area (this can be during or after for some people)
  • Floating feelings
  • Drifting off into relaxation or meditation state, or sleep

Less common

  • Spiritual awareness/higher consciousness (more usually those on a spiritual path)


  • Some people feel energised, and up-lifted – this can follow in the days post treatment.
  • some feel relaxed and chilled out
  • Most feel more centred, and in balance.
  • Others feel tired ( immediately afterwards) – this is temporary.

Temporary Healing reactions post treatment (12-24hours) may also include:

  • Mild/dull headache (check you are hydrated, by increasing your fluid intake!)
  • Thirst (check your fluid intake)
  • Low mood, feeling a little down
  • Tiredness, lethargy
  • A need to urinate/go to the toilet more frequently
  • Mild nausea
  • Pain at the site of old injuries/wounds

These reactions are a sign that Crystal Therapy is having a detoxifying and healing effect. This is a temporary phase, and positive benefits then follow. It is best to see any temporary discomfort as a sign that healing is taking place.

As with all complementary therapies several sessions are recommended for people who have chronic complaints. The longer a condition has existed, the longer it can take before lasting results will be evident. However, one session can be very beneficial. Crystal Therapy can be used as little or often as preferred. Once balance has been achieved receiving 'maintenance' treatments (when finances allow), is always positive for any holistic therapy.

Who can receive Crystal Therapy?

As with all complementary and holistic therapies, Crystal Therapy is suitable for the majority of people (*please see exceptions below). It can be used for relaxation, spiritual development, and for de-stressing. You don't need a reason to have Crystal Therapy.

The whole point of Complementary/Holistic Therapy is that we work to support the client, to optimise the body's own healing ability, to help with symptoms. Healing is a process, a journey, there are often no quick-fixes, and it can take time. Although, sometimes one session can be profound!
*Regular clients pay reduced fees, to allow affordability and optimum time for healing.

No clients will be advised to stop any medication, or to refrain from going to their GP. Crystal therapy is a complementary therapy, not alternative. However, with the exception of the list below, it is the right of each individual to choose how they wish to be treated.

*Some exceptions/ contra indications (unsuitable conditions) for this therapy are:
  • Severe or unstable mental illness such as psychosis, schizophrenia, bi-polar. This is because the vibration of the crystals may temporarily exacerbate the condition, and this could be upsetting for the client.
  • Pregnancy – In general I don't treat women who are pregnant
  • Anyone with a pacemaker
  • Anyone with unstable blood pressure (very high that is not under control)
  • Immediately post-op
  • Epilepsy
  • Anyone with serious heart conditions
  • Thrombosis or history of thrombosis


As part of the treatment, to enhance healing potential, crystals may be recommended, and provided, for client's to use at home. They can be held for quite relaxation or healing meditations, worn in little spiral ' pendants', or placed on and around the body as required.

In some case crystal remedies: tinctures or elixirs may be used (dependant on individual therapists and how they work). These work in much the same way as homeopathic remedies. Homecare crystals and remedies are totally OPTIONAL.


Crystal Therapy is an ancient art, believed to have been practiced in Egypt thousands of years ago. The ancient Egyptians particularly liked crystals, especially lapis lazuli, clear quartz and malachite, and used them for lots of different purposes,

Some believe it dates back to Atlantis or Lemuria. Crystals have been used for sacred jewellery, healing, divination, and as symbols of power for thousands of years.

Before modern science and medicine, early humans used the natural bounty around them to heal and we still do to some extent ...

  • Nettles often grow by dock leaves – as an antidote to the stings
  • Medicines derived from willow trees, and other salicylate-rich plants, have been used and can be dated back to ancient civilisations.
  • Essential oils have documented healing properties; the oils containing the 'life-force' of the plant.
  • Smell and colour are known to be therapeutic, so too sound: sound healing.
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