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Sally Richards

My connection to natural Healing: I found reiki healing whilst attending an angel healing workshop. I had been suffering with health issues back in 1999/2000 following bereavement’s and overwork. Reiki treatments made a big difference; calming my busy mind, helping with anxiety and pain. It continues to be part of my everyday life.

I have always been very connected to nature; born in a beautiful hamlet in south Shropshire: Hopesay. Here my love of trees, flowers, animals, hills, was nurtured. I was always a creative, and I suppose looking back, spiritual child, I was very empathic from an early age. Studying To become a Druid Bard (OBOD) nine years ago, made me feel connected to nature on a deeper level, and re-awakened my poetry writing.

Going on to become a Reiki Practitioner, and then teacher, enhanced all of these sensibilities, and developed others. Completing my Degree in Complementary therapies, helped to join up more of the ‘dots’, as i learned about how the life force of the plants, trees, flowers etc in the essential oils creates a healing effect. Studying Reflexology and Crystal Therapy reinforced my understanding and knowledge of energy therapies, and how we are affected by stress, trauma and overwork.

My journey continues as I am now studying to teach meditation, and also in the process of completing a Diploma in Flower Psychometry... two very different, complex, yet wonderful healing models, which complement and enhance all my previous learning and skills.

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Thank you, your therapist, Sally