Awenaura Therapies

Sally Richards

With Sally Richards FdSc Complementary Therapist , Member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists MFHT, Usui Reiki Master & Teacher UKRF MT

Awenaura aims to provide Complementary Therapies with both a clinical and holistic approach. Sally approaches each client as an individual; treatments are focused with this in mind. All the therapies (and combinations) can be used for relaxation, general well-being, to de-stress, or to help address most health conditions or concerns - from stress and anxiety to pain and PMT. Sally is able to combine and adapt therapies when required.

Reiki Training in Montford Bridge, Shrewsbury Shropshire with AwenauraClients are made to feel welcome, and treatments are carried out in Sally's first floor reiki room, which is light and comfortable. Glasses of mineral/spring water are provided, and post treatment hot drinks are available from a choice of: organic chamomile, organic peppermint, various fruit teas and Green tea, with optional healthy snack such as oat biscuits.

  • Consultations and discussion times are included in the first session fee with Awenaura, there are no consulation fees for any further sessions. Fees are charged for treatment only not the duration of the sessions. What you see in the fee box, is what you pay.
  • Regular clients receive reduced fees: 'Awenaura VIP's'. This enables affordability to receive treatments regularly, to help build on any improvements and maintain improved well-being. A course of treatments at special rates is another way to ensure affordable, regular, treatments.

All products used are natural botanicals. Essential oils are from reputable suppliers such as Aromantics (see Aromatherapy page for details), with Organic status, and are pure and unadulterated. Aromantics are also highly ethical as are 'Bay House' essential oils.

Sally has worked for over eight years as a Reiki Practitioner (Master) and over seven years as a Master Teacher, and is a member of the UK Reiki Federation at Master Teacher Level, and a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists. She has had three years training in both aromatherapy and reflexology to advanced levels. During her A Foundation degree in Science (FdSc) : Complementary Therapies , she has carried out numerous treatments both as part of University case studies, and for clients who have carried on with their treatments post case study.

See Sally's Qualifications

Awenaura Reiki Courses and Workshops

Sally has been teaching reiki since spring 2008 years and is a member of the UK Reiki Federation at Master Teacher level. She teaches a variety of courses from basic energy workshops and reiki taster/information workshops, to Reiki One, Reiki Two, and The Mastership and Teacher levels.

Please note: Wef 1st August 2015....A percentage of each Reiki Course Fee will be donated to:

£8.00 for reiki level one, £10.00 for level two, £10.00 Master Practitioner, £12.00 for The teaching level, £15.00 for Master Teacher Level.
Please see my biog for the reasons for my support for this charity.

Also a percentage of each full workshop will be donated to Sarcoma UK (see workshops for details).

These small charities desperately need funding and also I hope to raise awareness, please see my biography for reasons. If you get time please do visit SANDS and Sarcoma UK websites for further information, thank you.

You can read more about Our Training on our training page

More About Awenaura

The Name

I created the name Awenaura because it encompasses so many aspects of my work, my creativity, spirituality, and interests.
Awen (Pronounced: aah-oo-whenn) is the Celtic, Druidic spiritual and creative inspiration sought in the Bardic level of Druidry – a kind of awakening. Awen means inspiration, and is also a druidic chant (a little like OM). It is not Christian or pagan – but universal.
The Aura (or auric field) also known as The Subtle Body, is the energy field that surrounds us (and all living things), and can be photographed by Kirlian photography. When we become ill or upset, our energy systems (meridians, chakras, aura) can become out of balance. Complementary therapies can help to regain balance.

How and why Awenaura began...

Awenaura began in 2007, as a result of reiki treatments i had received, and the positive effect it created both for my health and my life in general. I had considered reiki training for a while, but 'the time has to be right'. Reiki is a gentle therapy, that can be so profound in its effect; providing focus and support. Reiki is not only a healing therapy, but a tool for self and spiritual development, and can be transformational.

I was inspired to begin my reiki training, and wanted to create availability for other people to access this wonderful healing resource, in a professional yet affordable setting. When I began my practice, there were very few local reiki practitioners, or holistic therapists, in the area. Reiki is fairly new to the wider public in Shropshire – however it is spreading fast, and people are now beginning to realise its full worth.

I embarked on my part-time Foundation Degree in Complementary therapies with Staffordshire University (Faculty of Health), in 2009, so that i could deepen & broaden my knowledge of Natural therapies, and also to enable me to use other therapies in my work. I graduated in July 2012, after three years, with an FdSc in Complementary Therapies with distinction. The main therapies studied being: reflexology and aromatherapy - *please see qualifications/modules for full details.

Therapies are currently provided in the lovely village of Montford Bridge, in my first floor therapy room, which is average in size, comfortable, light, and enjoyed by clients and students alike. I receive many comments of – 'what a lovely room'. I also aim to provide therapies in Shrewsbury.

I equally enjoy giving reiki, reflexology and aromatherapy treatments - they are all effective therapies; my numerous course case studies, and client treatments, provide evidence of this, supported by many hours of research into academic papers on all the three therapies (*please see links to research) and testimonials.

My Person-Centred Counselling qualifications are invaluable in my work- to listen and more importantly to hear clients, and students. I completed an eleven week course in Counselling Concepts, followed by a year-long course in Counselling Skills in 2003/4 (Cert. Counselling Skills).

I care about people, and aim to provide a service that is holistic as well as clinical in its effects. I like clients to feel 'comfortable' to come for treatments.

Alfie enjoying some ReikiI really enjoy teaching REIKI - and passing on this wonderful therapy, to help others to find their way. Each student is unique, and the skill is to enable them to learn in a way that is best for them. It's not a 'one fits all' approach. I meet wonderful people along the way - some have been through very difficult times, and leave me in awe of their courage. Anyone can learn reiki at level one and use it for themselves, their family/loved ones, pets.

There are different venue options to learn reiki with me, both individually and in small groups: Montford Bridge, Shrewsbury, and Leebotwood. Please follow the link to my training courses for more information. Each venue is very different, so something for everyone.

About Sally

As you read on, you can find out about about me and my life,
or you might just be looking for My Qualifications

I'm a Shropshire 'lass' and was lucky to be born and grow up in a beautiful hamlet in south Shropshire: Hopesay – it 's in my heart, and has influenced who I am, and the way I relate to nature. I love hills, woods, trees, streams, as I was surrounded by them, played in them, and would disappear for hours (we could do that then!) as i cycled off exploring, finding my favourite places - where cowslips grew, or feeding a local horse.

Sally Richards Shropshire Poet and Natural TherapistI'm mature (age is just a number), empathic and down to earth. Life has thrown a lot at me; I believe that by being real, it helps me to help others. I'm comfortable with people; it doesn't matter to me who or what they are, we all share the same planet.

I love to have a really good laugh – it's so healing. But I do also take life and my work very seriously. I care about animal welfare, mental health, humanitarian issues and the planet.

I'm interested in the universe: astronomy, poetry, people, Complementary therapies, the natural world, New Age, music, crystals, natural spirituality, - my poetry reflects these and many other issues. Being a poet is part of who I am, but is very separate to my therapy practice. I enjoy walking, TV, and music. I love to sing - poor neighbours!

WORK: I began work straight from school at sixteen years of age – with my first 'proper' job: working full time in our local bank! It was a friendly place, with lots of interesting customers and characters! There were many times of laughter, as we shared friendly chat's over the counter. I worked there for six years. Work then took me in a few directions before my career with children.

LIFE EXPERIENCES: I have had many life experiences which have informed and moulded me: many positives - such as my two lovely adult daughters – who both work very hard, and make me so proud, friends, relationships; and my career with children under five. In that career, of over ten years, i worked in several settings in Shropshire, and had several roles: Pre-School Leader (for the majority of my career) deputy, nursery nurse, and After School Club supervisor. As Leader at a North Shropshire pre-school we achieved a nearly perfect OFSTED inspection, with 'excellent' throughout; a proud moment as i was totally dedicated to the children and families.

I have also had some very difficult and sad life experiences that knocked me out of kilter for a while - including bereavements: my father in my mid-twenties (my daughter was six months old), my mother who I cared for with terminal cancer when my girls were very young, and my closest friend (suddenly) – all impacted on my life and health, and changed the course of my life-path. All these experiences have taken me on many journeys, both creative (my poetry) and spiritual.

Life and the Universe continue to test my resolve: Our family recently (2015) had a very sad and traumatic loss (please see my link to SANDS SHROPSHIRE) of my first grand-daughter, which was followed by my being diagnosed, after months of tests, with an extremely rare soft tissue tumour on my tibia ( lower leg).

For me the former was the most devastating... and there are no words to express it. However we are a strong family, my daughter and her fiancé are amazing, courageous, people, with no bitterness for what happened. They support each other, and have supported me despite everything. I am in awe of their courage in such unbearable pain.

In memory of my first Grandchild: Violet,

I will donate a percentage of my REIKI COURSE fees in Montford Bridge to Shropshire SANDS
(w.e.f August 2015) until August 2016, or until further notice.

As detailed: £8.00 for Reiki One, £10.00 for Reiki Two, £10.00 for Master Practitioner level, £12.00 for The teaching level, and £15.00 for Reiki Master Teacher Level.

.... "How very softly you tiptoed into our world, almost silently. Only a moment you stayed, but what an imprint your footprints have left upon our hearts."


I am thankful to have recovered well from my two operations (carried out at The Christie, Manchester in April this year 2015) the second of which was 11hours as they battled to save my lower leg. Reiki has been a Godsend for the pain and stress, and am now busy enjoying life and being able to get out and walk in the countryside again, work in the garden, play with Lola, and get back to my work. I believe that a positive mind set is so helpful. THERE IS ALWAYS SOMEONE WORSE OFF. I remain cheerful, grateful, spiritual and positive. I will therefore also be raising awareness of Sarcoma, which are very rare tumours, and donating a small percentage of my workshop fees to Sarcoma UK.

Gratitude and a huge Thank you to my family, students, clients and friends for your prayers, patience, love, distance reiki, and support, while I was in hospital and recovering... support which continues and has been invaluable. X

By sharing I hope to raise awareness and hopefully help others who have gone through similar experience. I’m very philosophical, and believe because I have 'been there' and have experienced trauma and difficulties to overcome, that i can relate to people: their isolation, anxiety, ill-health, and emotional pain, and led me ( a few years ago) to develop a therapeutic model: Awenaura Journeying Therapy.


I'm so happy to say that Katie and Jimmy how have a gorgeous little boy, Edison, born on the 4th September 2016. I am so delighted to be his Nana, and the whole family are so relieved and thrilled that all went well. He is adorable. They so deserve this joy after all the heartache of their loss of Violet, who is always in our thoughts and hearts.

My life experiences continue to feed into my work.

My spirituality is very important to me. My faith has nurtured me through many difficult times. Through the natural world: trees and hills, and the natural, creative spiritual energy that is interwoven through our planet, I feel more connected to the 'divine' source/God/Christ. I'm an eclectic mix of both Christian and a Druid Bard (it is possible to be both, and many people are), with a little Buddhism thrown in for good measure. Bardic teachings help to nurture creativity - and are a tool for self, creative, and spiritual development; which was a wonderful journey for me.

I live in a nice village, in a modest home (bijou and compact). My home is light, with a lovely atmosphere, and very welcoming. It is shared with Steve, Lola our rescue whippet, and Milo our tubby cat.

I love our little garden - it backs onto protected meadowland, and is full of birds (we even have visiting woodpeckers), shrubs, flowers, pots, mini-beasts, fairies, and a lovely acacia tree.

With whatever I have, I try to make the best of it. I do dream of creating an holistic retreat, set in lovely rural landscape and woodland, accessible for all - where people can just relax, breathe, and have wonderful therapies provided by caring, skilled, therapists ... I just need to win the lottery first!!! - as the saying goes - Believe and all things are possible ... so I can hope, dream, and pray ...

My aims for the future: to continue to learn, provide therapies, develop therapies, and teach reiki – god/the Divine willing! Working more within the community, alongside my practice, is on the horizon, watch this space


Every journey of a thousand miles begins with a simple step
Lao Tzu (604- 531BCE)

Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.

Life is what happens to you when you are busy making other plans
John Lennon

In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity
Albert Einstein

You must be the change you want to see in the world
Mahatma Ghandi

Aim for the stars, if you miss you will land on the moon!